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Ford Commercial Trucks 
in St-Rémi

Commercial Vehicle Center Dealers are a privileged group dedicated to providing you with the commercial products and services you need to maximize the operation of your business. This dealer network must continually adhere to a set of Commercial Vehicle Center standards.

How can the VIAU FORD Commercial Vehicle Center help you?
Our Commercial Sales Consultants are available to meet the needs of commercial customers and are dedicated to knowing everything about your business, understanding your specific needs and acting in your best interests.

We recognize the importance of getting your vehicle serviced quickly and the first time, and we understand that you lose money when your vehicle is not in service. We also understand that you need to reduce your operating costs and we can help you by scheduling your regular maintenance appointments at times that are convenient for you while educating you about your vehicle's inspection needs.

Ford of Canada delivers on its promise to bring you a full line of high-quality vehicles, including the tough-to-go F-Series line-up, dependable E-Series vans, versatile Transit Connect, and special options and accessories. specially designed for the entrepreneur. You can rest assured that every Ford vehicle is designed to meet precise safety and performance standards.

To grow your business, you need to work with people who understand you, care about your well-being, and can present you with the right solution. You deserve the best transportation solutions provider there is. You deserve a transportation solutions provider who puts the effort into your business. You deserve the services of a Commercial Vehicle Centers Dealer.

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Our available Ford trucks! 
in St-Rémi 

2023 E-Series Cutaway

starting at 43,015
2023 Ford E-Series Cutaway

2024 E-Series Cutaway

starting at 46,830
2024 Ford E-Series Cutaway

2023 Transit Cutaway

starting at 53,930
2023 Ford Transit Cutaway

2024 Transit Cutaway

starting at 57,490
2024 Ford Transit Cutaway

2024 E-Transit Cutaway

starting at 74,290
2024 Ford E-Transit Cutaway

2023 E-Transit Cutaway

starting at 71,050
2023 Ford E-Transit Cutaway

2024 E-Transit Chassis

starting at 75,040
2024 Ford E-Transit Chassis

2023 E-Transit Chassis

starting at 71,800
2023 Ford E-Transit Chassis
save up to 6,000

2023 E-Transit Cargo Van

starting at 73,545
on sale for 67,545
2023 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van

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